Infertility treatment

IVF treatment

The IVF method is in-vitro fertilization and is one of the basic procedures in the treatment of infertility, which will make you a satisfied and happy mother.

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IUI treatment

The first choice of treatment in couples, in which the man suffers from impaired sperm quality or irregular ovulation of the female partner.

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Donation treatment

Today, more than 10% of couples longing for a child suffer from fertility problems. With the help of donated reproductive cells, we make sure YOU also become happy parents.

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Supportive methods

To increase a healthy pregnancy, we use state-of-the-art procedures and methods that increase the chance of making an infertile couple a complete family.

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Infertility is the inability to conceive after one year of contraceptive-free, planned intercourse. If you still cannot conceive a baby, our experts will be happy to help you have a healthy pregnancy.

Female infertility

The most significant factor that causes female infertility is age. From all the couples around 30 years of age, 7% are infertile; from all couples around 40 years of age, 33% are infertile. Over 60% of all women older than 45 are infertile.

Male infertility

The number of sperm cells per 1 ml of ejaculate plays a significant role in conceiving a child. In 1938, the male’s average sperm contained 120 million/ml sperm cells. Scientific studies from 1952 show average values of only 73. 4 million/ml. Similar studies from 1972 show only 54. 4 million/m.

Our offer

Kind and professional care for achieving a healthy pregnancy in a modern IVF clinic. We see every expectant mother or dad as an individual path to a new life and fulfilled happiness.

Infertility treatment

Be a happy mother. We will find the cause of infertility and establish an optimal treatment to achieve pregnancy.

Treatment methods


Get ready for a baby. We will examine you using several complex methods to diagnose and cure any problems in time.

Diagnostic methods


Avoid possible risks. We take care of the baby's health before it is born in the laboratory of reproductive genetics.

Genetic methods

More than 10,000 couples have chosen the care provided by our clinic, and we have helped more than 8,000 children into the world. We will be happy to see you at our clinic and help your happiness.