IVF treatment

The IVF method is in vitro fertilization and is one of the basic procedures in the treatment of infertility, which will make you a satisfied and happy mother.


Determining the true cause of infertility and its subsequent treatment requires various tests and examinations with a subsequent treatment plan. Just a basic discussion with our doctor and an initial examination can relieve a lot of pressure and bring new hope, fortitude, and determination.

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The evaluation of the initial information is a source of data essential for developing a treatment plan. It is a point on your path where you learn together about the course of the treatment. The plan is continuously updated and supplemented according to the course of the treatment.

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In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an essential method in the treatment of infertility. At this point in the treatment, the hormonal stimulation leads to an increased quantity of grown eggs.

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The partner’s sperm cells are added to the ova. In ideal conditions, fertilization happens spontaneously with the sperm cells moving independently to reach the egg and penetrate through its sheaths.

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The transfer of embryos into the uterus is usually performed two to three days. The embryos are inserted through the cervix using a thin catheter. At this moment, you are closest to your pregnancy.

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If more high-quality embryos are obtained through cultivation, they can be frozen, i.e., cryopreserved, and preserved for next insertion into the uterine cavity.

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Miri TIME-LAPSE Incubator with 12 chambers

The MIRI incubator has 12 separate chambers for embryo cultivation. The device is equipped with oxygen regulation. For each embryo, it can create a perfect environment, warmth, and own space.

The device evaluates the potential, quality, and dynamics of embryo development throughout the cultivation process. This allows for selecting the highest quality embryo for transfer and significantly increasing the chance to conceive.

The built-in high-resolution camera allows for monitoring the continuous development of the embryo throughout the cultivation process without having to remove the embryos from the safety of the incubation chamber for manual microscopy. Hence, the cultivation process and stable conditions are not interrupted.

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Infertility treatment

Be a happy mother. We will find the cause of infertility and establish an optimal treatment to achieve pregnancy.

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Get ready for a baby. We will examine you using several complex methods to diagnose and cure any problems in time.

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Avoid possible risks. We take care of the baby's health before it is born in the laboratory of reproductive genetics.

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More than 10,000 couples have chosen the care provided by our clinic, and we have helped more than 8,000 children into the world. We will be happy to see you at our clinic and help your happiness.