Laboratory examination begins with sperm liquefaction. Microscopic sperm examination focuses on the evaluation of its quantity, motility, and morphology (shape).

Environmental factors

Sperm quality is affected by many factors, such as antibiotic treatment, fever, stress, mental health problems, etc. It is also affected by poor lifestyle, such as smoking or obesity. Excessive sports activity, excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, or anabolic steroids may also have a negative impact on the result of the spermiogram.

Sperm production is also negatively affected by frequent hot water baths, saunas, warm and tight underwear since sperm maturates in the last development stage at a temperature lower than that core body temperature.

A dietary supplement such as vitamin preparations containing vitamin C, E, and coenzyme Q10 is recommended to improve the spermiogram.

Laboratory examination

Spermiogram serves as the basic examination for the treatment of male infertility. After two to seven days of sexual abstinence, a man provides a semen sample into a sterile vial by a masturbation and brings it to the laboratory for further analysis.

If a patient is unable to provide a sample while in our center of reproductive medicine, he can do so at home. However, the ejaculate must be delivered to the laboratory for analysis within an hour from ejaculation. Prolonged delays and transport below the body temperature (37 °C) may bias the results.

Laboratory examination begins with sperm liquefaction. Microscopic sperm examination focuses on the evaluation of its quantity, motility, and morphology (shape). For better informative value, and additional examination is usually performed after four or more weeks.

Spermiogram evaluation according to WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) establishes recommended values for a semen analysis test.

  • pH ≥ 7,2
  • volume ≥ 1,5 ml
  • concentration ≥15 mil/ml
  • motility (progressive) ≥32%
  • motility (total) ≥40%
  • morphology (sperm shape) ≥ 4%

Semen analysis examination does not mean placing the tested patient into an either fertile or infertile category. WHO parameters represent a global tool for semen evaluation and provide standardized and comparable values. Thus, it is important to keep in mind that even men with a low semen quality can have a baby.

Our clients can choose from several specialized examinations performed in reproductive medicine, which allow for a better selection of the most suitable spermatozoa for fertilization.

  • HSP – DNA damage detection
  • MAR test – presence of antisperm antibodies
  • PB test – sperm maturity test


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