Ovarian stimulation and ovum pick-up


Medications used for ovarian hormonal stimulation must be approved by the patient’s specific health insurance provider. These are either medications made from the urine of menopausal women (inexpensive and fully covered by health insurance) or synthetically manufactured hormonal substances that are only partially paid by insurance. Additional payments for each IVF cycle medications vary between CZK 3.000 – 5.000.

If the ovarian response is low and requires more than 2,250 IU (international units) of the active substance in the medication, the patient is financially responsible for paying for the treatment without help from health insurance.


Ovum pick-up is a minimally invasive surgical procedure, during which the liquid containing the ova is extracted from the follicles on the ovaries. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and under anesthesia. The number of ovarian follicles and picked-up eggs is determined by the individual response of the ovarian tissue. Eggs are then placed into the cultivation system in the embryologic lab, ensuring an optimal environment for further development.

The patient is discharged two hours after bed rest. The side effects of the procedure include a very light spotting and mild pain in the lower abdomen. On the evening of the OPU procedure or the next morning, the patient begins taking prescribed medication, which prepares the endometrium for egg nestling (progesterone - UTROGESTAN). The medications can be inserted vaginally or orally in the form of tablets. Vaginal gel CRINONE can also be used at a regular application once a day.


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